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The Birthday Party


Examinations are taken under the RAD and ISTD syllabus and are usually held twice a year. Parents will be advised when their childs class teacher assesses that their child is ready to take an exam. ASSOCIATES reserve the absolute right to decide when to enter a child in examinations as all children develop at different times  we do not consider it a race to see who can get to the highest grade first! Naturally, we are well aware of the social development of our pupils and will do our best to keep friends together in classes wherever possible. ASSOCIATES is very proud of the standard of its examination results. 



ASSOCIATES is keen to encourage many of its pupils to take part in Festivals. We annually enter The Royal Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival and the Tonbridge Dance Festival as a school, and are happy to see children enter some of the many other Festivals in the area if they wish to. ASSOCIATES staff will approach you if they feel your child is ready to dance in a festival for either a solo item or to be part of a group. If a pupil is selected for a festival, we will advise parents of the additional rehearsal time required and the associated costs. It is worth noting that Festivals require a considerable amount of time and expense and it is advised that both pupils and parents think carefully about the commitment involved.


Parents can keep up-to-date with the school via our Facebook and Instagram pages. We have a private parents Facebook page where we can keep in touch quickly and easily with any notices regarding classes, shows or events. We also have a 'preloved' dance wear page, where you can sell and buy second-hand uniform and costumes. 


We do not encourage parents to watch classes - which includes peeking through windows! - as this does cause distraction for all the pupils. However, there will, of course, be occasions when parents are invited to watch and also special circumstances when this rule may be relaxed. We expect children to be wearing the correct uniform and to be well groomed at all times. Details of the uniform are available on request. Hair should be neat and in suitable style for the correct class. Again, advice is available from class teachers.


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