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August 2019

All England National Finals 2019

What an amazing week we had at the All England National Finals! 
We are so excited to have been awarded two gold, two silver, and five bronze medals, and are so proud of the wonderful performances every single dancer has put out on stage! 
We were also honoured to be asked to perform in the All England Gala performance, which was such an exciting and special opportunity for our Juniors and we are very proud of their achievements this year.
This week also marked the end of the road for some of our seniors, who are about to embark on new and exciting journeys! 
Thank you to our amazing teachers for all your hard work, and to parents and families for your ongoing support! Results below!

⭐️GOLD- Blythe Railton- Ballet 6 Years

⭐️ GOLD- Snoopy- Musical Theatre Groups 10 & Under

⭐️SILVER- Freya Mitchell- Character 6 Years

⭐️ SILVER- Isabella Aleppo, Freya Hiles and Georgie May Moon- Character Trios 14 & Under

⭐️ BRONZE- Fleur Chandler, Cohen Hart and Kiki Lester- Ballet Trios 10 & Under

⭐️ BRONZE- Summer Betson- Modern 7 & 8 Years

⭐️ BRONZE- Isabella Aleppo- Modern 11 & 12 Years

⭐️ BRONZE- La La Land- Musical Theatre Groups 21 & Under

⭐️ BRONZE- Freya Mitchell- Song and Dance 6 Years


Leavers 2019

We are very sad to be saying goodbye to some of our beautiful seniors, most of whom were babies in the very first Associates show back in 2004! We have loved every minutes of having you train with us and wish you all the best for the future!

Annabel Knight- Imperial College London to study Chemistry

Jenna Spray- Leeds University to study Theatre and Performance

Mia Lulham- Central School of Speech and Drama

Sam Parsons- Bird College

West End Succes

A huge well done to our pupil Ella Mitchell who will be making her West End debut later this year in a very special production! We can't wait to come and see you shine! ⭐️

42nd Street from backstage-1_edited.jpg

April News 2018

March News 2018

Royal Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival 2018

A huge well done to all our girls and boys who danced at The Royal Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival this week! Thank you to all our wonderful parents too for all your support...We are so very proud of you all!


🌟 Well Done to Lola, Cohen, Belle and Morgan who danced beautifully in the Junior Ballet Bursary, with Lola and Cohen both getting a special mention from judge, Ruth Brill.


🌟 Well Done also to Freya H, Freya T and Emma who danced brilliantly in the Tap Bursary. Thrilled for Freya T who was announced as the winner!


🌟 We were very proud to have 3 girls dance amazingly in the Professional Bursary class- Thierry, Molly and Keira. You all did us proud!

Congratulations to Molly who was awarded the RTWDF Professional Bursary which will contribute to her further training! 🌟


We were thrilled to be awarded the following awards-

•Baby Stage 5 Years- Sienna
•Baby Classical 5 Years- Blythe
•Senior Song & Dance Cup- Freya H
•Senior Tap Cup- Freya T
•Junior Classical Duet- Summer & Cecily
•Junior Classical Trio- Fleur, Kiki and Cohen
•Baby Stage Trio 7&U- Summer, Fearne and Isabelle 
•Junior Stage Trio 10&U- Mollie, Bella, Rosie and Neve
•Senior Stage Trio 21&U- Jenna, Annabel and Thierry
•RTWDF Professional Bursary- Molly Williams
•7 & Under Classical Group- Spoonful of Sherman
•10 & Under Stage Group- Movies
•21 & Under Stage Group- Musical
•Dance with the Highest Mark- Musical (92!)

•School's Aggregate for school with the most point!

A marvellous week all round! 



Congratulations to all our pupils who competed at the National Finals at The Hackney Empire. What a wonderful experience and we were so honoured to be dancing among some wonderful schools and you ALL did us so proud!

Junior Musical Theatre Quartets

10 & Under

1ST PLACE AND A GOLD MEDAL to Rosie, Neve, Mollie and Bella!

Junior Character Quartets

10 & Under

3RD PLACE AND A BRONZE MEDAL to Belle and Isabella!


The Associates Cups for the year 2016/2017 have been awarded to the following......


Junior Most Improved - Summer Betson and Georgie May Moon

Inter Most Improved - Rosanna Perrett

Senior Most Improved - Thierry Zimmerman

Junior Most Courteous -Belle Hart

Inter Most Courteous - Isobel Burton

Senior Most Corteous - Lily Manser

Junior Singing - Zofia Pawlowska

Inter Singing - Amy Hine

Senior Musical Singing - Thierry Zimmerman

Personality Cup - Grace Alexander



We are very sad to be saying goodbye to the following girls who are off to college or university,  some of whom have been with us since they were 2 years old! Wishing you all the luck in the world for the future girls!

Amy Llewellyn

Lucy Smith

Fern Egan


Much Success at Canterbury Festival from the following...


Freya Thomas

1st Ballet Solo (88)

1st Character Solo (88)

1st Lyrical Solo (88)

Ist Modern Solo (90)

2nd Tap Solo (89)

Modern Cup 

Theatre Aggregate Cup

Ballet Cup

Character Cup

Highest Mark of Festival 


Isabella Aleppo

Ist Modern Solo

1st Lyrical Solo

1st Ballet Solo

1st Character Solo

Junor Modern Cup

Junior Lyrical Cup

junior Ballet Cup

Junior Character Cup


Georgie May Moon

1st Song and Dance Solo (87)

3rd Modern Solo

Junior Song and Dance Cup 


Amy Hine and Emma Hine

3rd Character Duet


Thierry Zimmerman

Song and Dance Solo 2nd

Modern Solo 

Lyrical Solo


Great Results Girls!!


Congratulations to the following pupils who will be appearing in this years production at Trinity Theatre-

Jenna Spray

Freya Hiles

Molly Francis

Grace Woodward

Rosie Morris



Congratulations to the following pupils who will be appearing in this years pantomime at The Assembly Hall Theatre-

Neve Skilling

Isabella Aleppo

Ella Dorward

Charlotte Seamark

Bella Padden

Fleur Chandler

Georgie May Moon

Summer Betson


Associates have been very busy over the half term with many of our pupils taking part in the Regional Finals of All England Dance.

Congratulations to the following pupils who have qualified to go through to the Finals which are held in London in July.


Isabella Aleppo and Belle Hart- Classical Duet  Ist PLACE unanimously with HONOURS

Cohen Hart and Georgie May- Moon Classical Duet  3rd Place with HONOURS

Neve Skilling and Rosie Morris- Song and Dance Duet  1st Place with HONOURS 

Bella Padden, Mollie Middleton, Rosie Morris, Neve Skilling- Song and Dance Quartet 1st Place with HONOURS

Molly Williams- Lyrical Solo 3rd Place with HONOURS

Freya Hiles- Song and Dance Solo  3rd Place with HONOURS

Bella Padden- Song and Dance- 1st Place with HONOURS

Isabella Aleppo- Character- 1st Place with HONOURS

Isabella Aleppo- Modern- Through to Dance Off and then a place at the finals with HONOURS out of 78 dancers!

Isabella Aleppo and Belle Hart- Modern Duet 1st Place with HONOURS

Grace Woodward, Grace Alexander, Kitty Higgins and Sofia Colangelo-Smith- Modern Quartets- 2nd Place with HONOURS

10 and Under Classical Group (FAIRGROUND)-  3rd Place with HONOURS

10 and Under Song and Dance Group (ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN)- HONOURS

21 and Under Song and Dance Group (MUSICAL)-  HONOURS


Congratulations also to

Freya Thomas  Tap Solo HONOURS

Freya Thomas Modern Solo HONOURS

Freya Thomas Lyrical Solo HONOURS


Freya Thomas Ballet DISTINCTION

Molly Williams Ballet

Molly Williams Character SPECIAL COMMENDATION

Molly Williams Modern

Molly Frances Character


Molly Frances Tap DISTINCTION


Molly Frances Song and Dance DISTINCTION

Molly Frances And Freya Hiles Tap Duet SPECIAL COMMENDATION

Molly Williams and Anya Etuate  

Neve Skilling Ballet Solo  SPECIAL COMMENDATION

Isabella Aleppo Ballet Solo SPECIAL COMMENDATION

Belle Hart Ballet Solo

Freya Thomas and Kendra Colangelo Contemporary Duet DISTINCTION

Freya, Edie, Olivia, Kendra DISTINCTION

Emma Hine Modern Solo DISTINCTION

Morgan Toole Ballet Solo

Morgan Toole Modern Solo

Grace Woodward Character- through to dance off- 2nd Place Medal

Isabel, Ella and Tilly- Ballet Trios- 3rd Place

Freya Thomas and Amy Llewellyn Tap Duet SPECIAL COMMENDATION

Jenna,Annabel,Grace,Thierry- S&D Quartet- SPECIAL COMMENDATION- 1st PLACE


21 and Under Song and Dance Group (MEMPHIS) SPECIAL COMMENDATION

10 and Under Song and Dance Group (SHIP AHOY) SPECIAL COMMENDATION


14 and Under Song and Dance Group (FLASH BANG) SPECIAL COMMENDATION

14 and Under Classical Group (WHITE CLIFFS) SPECIAL COMMENDATION - 3rd Place


We are so proud of you all!........and it is not finished yet! Another weekend to go so lots of luck if you have still got some dances to do .

Thank you to our wonderful teachers who have all contributed to this success both with their excellent choreography and teaching skills in the studio.

We would also like to thank all of you very supportive Mums who have helped Chaperone and driven to Cranbrook and endless rehearsals!





Also during half term there was huge success for Associates at Gravesham Dance Festival!

Congratulations to-

Amy Hine -Tap Solo-3rd

Emma Hine- Character Solo- 3rd 

Bella Padden- Modern Solo- 2nd, Character Solo- 2nd, Song and Dance Solo- 3rd, Ballet Solo- 3rd ,Song and Dance Duet- 3rd

Isabella Aleppo- Modern Solo-1st, Character Solo- 1st, Song and Dance Solo- 1st , Ballet Solo- 2nd- JUNIOR MODERN CUP/ JUNIOR CHARACTER CUP

Ella Dorward- Modern Solo- 3rd

Mollie Middleton  Modern Solo-4th, Song and Dance Solo- 2nd, Song and Dance Duet 3rd

Kiki Lester- Modern Solo- 3rd, Modern Duet- 2nd, Modern Trio- 2nd.
Fleur Chandler- Modern Solo- 2nd, Modern Duet- 2nd, Ballet Solo- 3rd Modern Trio- 2nd, Acro Solo- 1st- JUDGES AWARD FOR EFFORT
Georgie May Moon- Modern Solo- 4th, Song and Dance Solo- 1st, Modern Trio- 2nd-JUNIOR SONG AND DANCE CUP

Thierry Zimmerman- Lyrical Solo- 2nd, Modern Solo- 2nd, Song and Dance Solo-1st -SENIOR SONG AND DANCE CUP


*Fabulous Results!*


We are very proud of Fleur, Isabel, Kitty, Imogen, Molly, Leeoni and Tilly who danced in the RAD Award Finals this weekend....Congratulations to Fleur who was placed 3rd in Class A! Well done girls! 




We had a brilliant week at RTWDF with some wonderful results....resulting in Associates winning the School's Aggregate Award!

We also had the following pupils compete in the festivals two bursary classes and they all danced beautifully!-


Ballet Bursary
Cohen Hart
Belle Hart
Isabella Aleppo
Molly Frances
Morgan Toole
Amy Northway


Tap Bursary

Jenna Spray
Freya Thomas

Cup Winners

Associates - Schools Aggregate-School with the most points

Babies Under 5 - Winnie Jarrett
Senior Modern Cup - Freya Thomas 
Junior Song and Dance - Isabella Aleppo
Senior Lyrical Modern - Molly Williams
Junior Classical Duet - Isabella Aleppo and Belle Hart
Junior Stage Duet - Isabella Aleppo and Belle Hart 
Baby Classical Trio - Ella Porter, Tilly Brown, Isabel Mouser
Baby Stage Trio - Ella Porter , Tilly Brown, Isabel Mouser
Junior Stage Trio/Quartet - Bella Padden, Mollie Middleton , Neve Skilling , Rosie Morris
Classical Group 10 and Under -Associates 
Most Promising Classical Dancer - Freya Thomas

Well Done Everyone!


Congratulations to all our girls and boys who danced in the RAD Regional Awards Day yesterday... you all danced beautifully! We are thrilled to announce the following girls were put through to dance in the final in London....

Fleur, Isobel, Kitty, Imogen, Molly, Leeoni and Tilly!

Well Done girls!

Leavers 2016

We are very sad to be saying goodbye to the following girls who are off to pursue many different paths! 

Izzy Read- Masters Performing Arts

Kendra Colangelo- Reynolds Performing Arts

Bryony Sheeres-Reynolds Performing Arts

Holly Walton Wallace, Jordan Winter and Mia Thomas are off to various fabulous universities!

Good Luck girls, we can't wait to hear how you are all getting on!

PANTO 2016

Congratulations to the follwing girls who will be appearing in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at The Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells.

Pahanmee Hettige

Grace Woodward

Belle Hart

Kitty Higgins

Charlotte Seamark

Ella Dorward

Mollie Middleton

Gigi Pitman

Well Done to everyone who auditioned, we are very proud of you all!


We had an enormously successful week at Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival during February Half Term. A huge WELL DONE to all our girls and boys who danced and their brilliant teachers, we are so proud of you! Many Thanks to all mums, dads and families for your continued support!

Stay tuned for a full list of results but meanwhile below are our cup winners!


Cup Winners

  • Morgan Toole- Senior Modern Cup

  • Isabella Aleppo- Most Promising Junior

  • Isabella Aleppo & Belle Hart- 9 & Under Stage Duets (Modern)

  • Isabella Aleppo & Belle Hart- 9 & Under Stage Duets (Song & Dance)

  • Mollie Middleton & Bella Padden-9 & Under Stage Duets (Song & Dance)

  • 7 & Under Stage Group- Ship Ahoy

  • 21 & Under Stage Group- Memphis

  • Choregraphy Cup- Miss Alison for 'Memphis'

  • Highest Mark of the Festival- Memphis


The following girls qualified for the Ballet and Tap  Bursary Classes-
Isabella Aleppo, Bella Padden, Belle Hart, Tilly Collins, Morgan Toole, Molly Williams, Freya Thomas, Emma Hine and Jenna Spray, which are special awards and were adjudicated by Paul Lewis who teaches at the Royal Ballet Upper School and Dougie Mills of Tap Dogs fame. The girls all danced beautifully and it was an honor to watch them perform.


Ex- Pupil Neisha Gajjar (now at Bird College) performed in the Senior Professional Bursary and it was lovely to see her perform having watched her grow from the age of 3 years when she started at Associates!


What a fabulous week!


Past Pupil Success-

Ex-pupil Mica Bradbury who left Associates at 11 years to go to The Royal Ballet School, graduated the Upper School two years ago and has been dancing with Ballet Flanders in Antwerp. In August Mica will be returning home to London as part of the Royal Ballet Company. We wish her lots of luck on her new adventure!


Blaise Colangelo is currently appearing in the Mamma Mia UK Tour as Lisa/ 1st Cover Sophie. Lots of luck Blaise!


Emily Langham and Lucy Brushett are currently appearing in the International tour of Cats the Musical!

Sienna Colangelo begins a contract as a Lead Vocalist for Costa Cruises in November! Good Luck Sienna!

Brooke Wells is currently sailing in Alaska as a Lead Vocalist for Silversea Cruises.


To read more about past pupil success click here.

Watch the opening of our last show here!

Click HERE to keep up to date with the latest Associates news!

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